Fitness Trackers: the best to buy

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Welcome back to a new article about Fitness Tracker, we have already talked around what it is, what it is the difference with the Smartwatch and which are the most precise, so today we are going to talk which are best option to buy. 

A little disclaimer: it is possible that some of the most precise also are the best option. So, if this happen, we are not going to describe them (we already did) only mention it.

Like others devices, the Fitness trackers, also have developed. And have come a long way from the simple bands that tracked steps and little else. Now, the modern trackers can monitor everything from your heart health to how well you have recovered from a hard bout of training.

These new devices have sensors galore and, in some cases, can even give smartwatches a run for their money. Whatever your fitness goals are, we are sure there is a fitness tracker that can help you achieve them.

The wearables are incredibly personal, compared to some other gadgets. Which means there are a few extra considerations you will have to consider before buy one. So, it not a correct statement makes to say that any one fitness tracker is the best for everyone. Thankfully, in this list you will find 5 of the best options and some other mentions around that there is enough variety to fit into every kind of lifestyle.

1. Amazfit GTR 4

The best fitness tracker overall is the Amazfit GTR 4. It is price now is $199 and includes a whole array of features you would expect to see on much pricier wearables.

Some of the features are: a bright OLED screen, for example, the watchfaces on the OLED display are crisp, and animations are smooth, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep stage tracking, stress tracking, Amazon Alexa compatibility, and an offline digital assistant. Also, it got a native camera remote and a handy Pomodoro timer built in. And for outdoor fitness enthusiasts, the GTR 4 also has multiband GPS for more accurate GPS tracking in challenging environments. You can even import GPX routes from sites like Strava and Komoot.

Being more holistic, The GTR 4 takes a more approach to health, trading in steps for PAI points to gauge whether you are getting the recommended 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. For smart features, it has all the basics, to mention some: push notifications, alarms, timers, and the ability to make and take calls over Bluetooth.

If we talk about the battery life, it lasts about 10–14 days on a single charge with normal use and about a week with heavy usage. When you consider that Amazfit watches are often on sale, it is an easy decision.

2. Amazfit Bip S

If you are looking to save a little money, the $69.99 Amazfit Bip S is an attractive choice. We understand it, it is not the most pleasing tracker out there, but it gets you a lot of features you would not expect on a tracker under $100.

Among the features, it has about two weeks of battery life, in-depth sleep tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring, an always-on display, and built-in GPS. That is impressive at this price point. It is more a fitness tracker than a smartwatch, but you do get the option of editing watch faces, notifications, and music controls.

3. Garmin Fenix 7S/7/7X

If you are taking very seriously being an outdoor athlete, the best option for you is the Garmin, especially the Fenix 7 series. This Fitness Tracker it is got weeks’ worth of battery life, built-in multi-band GPS, the option of touchscreen or button navigation, topographical maps, etc. There is also a handy new real-time stamina feature that helps you figure out how much you have gotten left in the tank.

Each Garmin wearables are known for providing extensive, in-depth metrics. That means, you will get excellent recovery metrics, as well as helpful training guides and coaching programs. All this without charge extra for those features, having into account that the Fenix 7 series starts at $699.99.

These watches can take a beating. All models are built to military-grade standards and feature up to 10 ATM of water resistance. That means they are more than capable of a dunk in the ocean. Another plus is that the Fenix 7 series comes in some attractive colorways, making this watch less of an eyesore than some other rugged fitness watches. For example, depending on the Fenix model you get, you might also get a built-in LED flashlight and solar charging.

4. Garmin Vivomove Sport

Being one of the most stylish fitness watches, for $179.99, you are giving up some things like built-in GPS and NFC payments. However, you do get push notifications and access to Garmin’s entire fitness tracking platform.

Garmin is well known for made some truly exquisite hybrid trackers in the past; the price made them hard to recommend. However, the Vivomove Sport finally gets things right. It looks like an analog Swatch, thanks to the hidden OLED display, but you do not lose anything in terms of accuracy.

5. Apple Watch Series 8

If you are looking for a smartwatch that help you does fitness well, and you are an iPhone owner, you not need to look no further than the $399 Apple Watch Series 8.

With the 2022 refresh, the Series 8 a much more well-rounded fitness and health tracker. With watchOS 9, Apple has added advanced running metrics and the ability to create your own custom workouts.

The watch also has two temperature sensors for advanced cycle tracking and Crash Detection if you ever find yourself in an accident. And if you are bad at taking your medications, the Series 8 has a handy medication reminders app. That is on top of established health features like heart rate monitoring, EKGs, SpO2 monitoring, and sleep tracking, which have also been improved.

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