Use your smartwatch without the need for more devices

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Is it possible to use a smartwatch without a cell phone?

Many of the smartwatches include LTE connectivity in their technology, which is nothing more than the possibility of inserting a SIM card (usually e-SIM, a real form of life card) so that we can use them even if we do not use them. have a smartphone with us. Thus, they can make or receive calls, send and receive messages, or connect themselves to the Internet, plus it is also possible to insert an SD card to be able to take pictures since some of them have this application.

For example, this is very convenient if you are going to play and the phone is in the way, but we want to be able to call in an emergency; or in any other situation where it is necessary for us to communicate and where it is not appropriate to pick up the phone.

How do smartwatches with LTE work?

The functionality of smartwatches with LTE (or 4G) connectivity is very similar in capabilities to those without this option. They work fine without an e-SIM card inserted in them. But if you want to do that, contact your network operator before issuing this card, then make the necessary changes to the program installed on your phone. It is important to note that not all users offer this service. Among those who do are Vodafone, Movistar, Orange, Pepephone, Yoigo, O2, or Jazztel. Also, they do not always have the same conditions (some let you keep the same phone number, others give you an extra one, and some let you choose between those options…) or prices, so it is important to live well-informed.

Is it possible to use a smartwatch without the internet?

If the device supports Wi-Fi, you can use it in the same way as a watch that connects directly to the Internet via LTE, whether your phone is nearby or not. Even when your phone is off, thanks to Wi-Fi, you can use many apps. No smartphone connection.

Can I call from my smartwatch?

If the devices are connected via Bluetooth, you can make calls from the watch using the SIM card in the watch or phone.

Aspects to take into account if you want to buy one


As with the cell phone, the battery of these smart devices plays a very important role, so it is not necessary to be aware of the charger. Some models need to be charged daily; others, every several days.

Sports practice

One of the main functions associated with a smartwatch is those related to exercise: creating training profiles, recommendations, activity monitoring, heart rate measurement, etc.


while some models only allow you to receive notifications of calls, messages, or reminders, others provide the option to respond to them and even have voice conversations without having the mobile nearby. 


In addition to having an attractive aesthetic or a finish that conveys a sense of durability, the ideal is that when the watch is placed on the wrist it should be comfortable to wear and weigh little.


is one of the key elements because it determines both the functions and the interface for interacting with the smartwatch.


The effectiveness and reliability of blood oxygen measurement and the use that each watch makes of this information. Also, some are health-related measurements such as pulse rate or other variables.

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