Best watches to have in your daily life

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Watches are one of the most used accessories by women to complement their outfits while being functional at the same time. They are available in different designs that adapt to each woman’s lifestyle. 

Ever wished you knew what watch was best for your personality or for your needs or even that it is delicate for this keep your cell phone in your purse and know that the main goal has not been achieved. There are many who have worn wristwatches with their cell phone, but there are still a few who have gone back to the old days. To celebrate style and change how we do it, today we look at El Corte Ingles’ best-selling brands to highlight seven of the best women’s watches. Whether analog or digital, these designs are guaranteed to break many hearts and into the hearts of many jewelers.

Top 6 Ladies Watches

  1. Michael Kors

When we talk about women’s brands that sweep all, we can’t stop talking about Michael Kors. Attractive and fashionable, the New York-based firm presents this watch in black steel with gold details. A little bit shines its light with this model, which retails for 219 euros.

  1. Daniel Wellington

With unpretentious style, and understated and classic design elements, the Daniel Wellington watch company broke into the fashion world with a bang. Each of their designs shows a timeless beauty with minimal and intricate details. One of El Corte Ingles’ best sellers, with sizes to suit all tastes, combines the beauty of black with the protection of gold. Sold for 149 euros, this could be one of Christmas’s best gifts.

  1. Mark Maddox

For all those looking for a design where gold is the protagonist, Mark Maddox offers its most popular version. Made of steel and stainless steel, the blue dial adds color. Unbeatable value for money, this plan retails for €69.

  1. Radiant

Radiant is a firm that has designs for all tastes, but its star brands are classic and timeless lines with a beautiful aesthetic. Perfect to wear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this option is enhanced with silver and gold straps that make the difference. Priced at €39, the company knows how to win us over. To keep this product strong, you can use a household cleaner as toothpaste.

  1. Viceroy

The fashionable smartwatch from Viceroy. In pink, this Bluetooth-enabled device allows you to change its volume, notify you of calls or measure your heart rate, without showing you the time. It comes with two adjustable straps and is priced at €129.

  1. Casio

With all that Japanese technology has to offer, Casio was born in 1957 and since then has been dedicated to innovating in the world of electronics and watches. Its founder was the creator of the first quartz wristwatch and LCD screen, known as Casiotron.

Its digital watches provide the best performance in functions, precision, and quality, highlighting its cheerful and fun designs for today’s women. Its Baby-G models, inspired by the colors of the 80s, have dials decorated with palm tree motifs, resin case and strap, and functions such as a stopwatch, timer, and automatic calendar.

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